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Welcome to Neuron Crossroads

Or should I say wilkommen, bienvenue, benvenuto? I don't know what language you speak, but since 25% of the world has at least some understanding of english, I choose to use english(And I also speak english).

This website is still under construction. I'm a beginner programmer and rather void of ideas so this site is moderately useless to some extent. I plan to add more things as my creativity, which according to others is extensive, and my knowledge of Javascript, HTML, and CSS grows. As I'm typing this(March 16, 2017 8:38 PM) I've come up with an idea! Funny how when I'm looking for an idea, I don't find one, but when I'm not, I do! There must be some reason why. The human brain is still a mystery to us. I read this article some time ago. It can be found on the website:MIT Technology Review. It was about how scientists are trying to figure out how the human brain works, while we hardly know how our computers work. We know how a computer works, but I mean we can't trace how the individual electrical signals travel through the billions of transistors in a CPU.

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